Shade Tree Sharpening offers a comprehensive professional sharpening service for all your knives, scissors and garden tools.

    •  High-quality professional sharpening for all kitchen knives, from the everyday knives you bought at the supermarket, to premium brands like Wüsthof, Shen, Global, Victorinox, and Zwilling

    •  Mezzaluna, pizza wheel and mandoline blade sharpening

    •  Kitchen, craft, general purpose and fabric scissor sharpening

    •  Garden hand tool sharpening, including secateurs, loppers, garden shears, axes and rotary mower blades

    •  Woodworking chisel and hand plane blade sharpening

    •  All knives are safely wrapped. Garden tools are cleaned, sharpened, oiled and adjusted to ensure longevity and effectiveness Don’t let dull knives or tools slow you down – contact Shade Tree Sharpening today to schedule a drop-off time for your items and experience the difference sharp tools can make.