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Welcome to the first proper,  free directory open to all small businesses in Slough.

If you are a handyman, builder, plumber, roofer, berkshirepainter, tiler,It specialist, instructor,restaurant, shop.etc….well anything like a trade, a business, this is the place for you!

Please feel free to send me information about your business,charity, community.

Post your local event.

In addition to the above feel free to use our  Classified and job section

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slough More information about Slough HERE!Often updated

Slough is a densely populated urban area in South East England. It is located to the west of London, near to Heathrow Airport and close to the M4, M25 and M40 motorways. The population of 121,200 includes an above average number of young people and those of working age.
The actual number of people living in Slough has increased as many new communities have settled in to the area.

The Slough community is a multicultural one with over 50 different first languages spoken.

The local economy is strong, we are multicultural and we should really be proud of it!

Slough has lots of potential so let’s drive the economy forward with a simple step.

Before asking to post a business please remember the following:

  • Only businesses located in Slough, or villages within the area
  • No big chain business advertising
  • We do not charge anything for the posting , so if somebody is asking for money be warned and don’t pay !

The site it’s free, however it costs some pennies to run…so any donations are welcome!

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