Your home or office care is sorted with Berkshire cleaning LTD! Hassle-free domestic maintenance service in Berkshire at very competitive rates starting from £12 per hour.

We offer wide-ranging, thorough upkeep services with a guaranteed pass on your checkout. We provide professional domestic care while you’re at work or doing other routine activities.

If you’re planning to leave a rented property, pick our end-of-tenancy neat service to ensure the place is all set to pass intense inspections with 100% deposit back guarantee. Above all, our brushing process is completely green and eco-friendly, and we employ high-quality equipment and eco-friendly supplies to deliver harmless, sanitary services. We tidy without using harmful toxic chemicals.

So, you will face no safety issues, no protection problems, no toxins, and no strong odors.

Need to keep your place holistic and neat but struggling with your busy routine? Let Berkshire neat Services help – taking care of household tasks and everyday disinfection chores on your behalf with high competence and professionalism.

ur experienced team does their utmost to take each work as if they were deodorizing their place – and endeavors to provide your settings with the best bright and shine possible. We are expert, dedicated and flexible – meaning that if you have any definite requirements, please let us know as soon as possible– so that we can tailor our service to what you need each time..

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