We are an independent inventory & relocation specialists for Berkshire & Hampshire.

As an independent inventory company our experienced team cover any eventualities regarding your inventory check-in and out and our range of services includes interim/mid-term inspections which ensure continuity of the whole process regarding the tenancy. We also offer bespoke relocation packages.
At Exec PM we are more than just a “process”, we are people helping people make their experience of moving easier, and are known for going the extra mile for both tenants and landlords. We know how stressful and worrying it can be to move into rented accommodation, not just for the tenants but also the landlords. As an independent company we take a step back and look at the whole picture prior to creating our reports to ensure our team are armed with all the knowledge of the property.
We also go above and beyond the “normal” including visiting a property to take extra meter readings, fixing smoke detectors, providing carbon monoxide detectors. We also do re-visits after maintenance and decorating works. However, we do not just finish our job when we have been to the appointment our admin team in the office are continuously monitoring and maintaining all reports updating the inventory report where applicable as well as answering any concerns there may be via e-mail or telephone.

Email: admin@expmltd.co.uk Office: 01189 572889

30 Queens Road, Reading
Berkshire, United Kingdom, RG1 4AU