Pro-actions is a network of results-focused Business Coaches helping business owners address their issues, improve their results, and kick start growth. We help businesses achieve their potential so they provide their owners with the lifestyles they want.

We stay focused on your results:
Everything we do is driven by improving the results of your business!

We are not prescriptive:
Because no two businesses are identical we do not work from a manual, we look at real solutions.

We are flexible:
How you work with us is down to you, we are flexible and will negotiate and structure our help to match your needs, requirements, affordability and goals.

We do not have contracts:
We don’t tie you into a contract. We work on a month’s notice only because we want you to be in charge of the relationship

We can help you all the way through your journey:
Whether you’re a new start-up, an established business that has been up and running for some time, or even a large business looking to take the next step we have something, and more importantly, someone to help you!


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