Why should I use a proofreader?

Using the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in your documents can help give your business a professional edge.  It is very difficult to proofread your own work as it is all too easy to see what you think is there, not what you have actually written.

A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.

But what about the spell checker on my computer?

While a spell checker is great at spotting obvious errors, it won’t notice real words that are used in the wrong context (for example ‘their is an error in there brochure’).  This is where a real person, looking at your work for the first time, can really help.

Based in Burnham, Slough, I am a professional proofreader and can help you with your reports, web pages, brochures and much more.

I can also edit documents to ensure your message to customers and potential clients is as clear and enticing as possible.

All work considered – from one page upwards – no job is too large or small.

Call me on 07719 977180 or email louisa.proofreader@gmail.com