Provectus Translations

Professional translations from German, Italian and Romanian into English. UK/US English editing services.

Qualified freelance translator, working from German, Italian and Romanian into English.

I work in accordance with the ITI code of professional conduct to ensure that clients always receive accurate translations of the highest quality in addition to a friendly, professional service.


Areas of specialisation:

–          Medical: investigational medicinal products, clinical trial contracts, patient information sheets, informed consent forms, drug marketing materials, hospital notes, patient records, Ethics Committee letters and forms

–          Technical: home appliance manuals, instructions for use, user manuals, health and safety specifications

–          Business and legal: legal contracts, business agreements, licensing agreements, articles of association, terms and conditions.

–          Marketing: agricultural machinery, home appliances, medical devices, brochure/magazine content.


Do you have a text that has been translated into English but needs to be reviewed by a professional whose native language is English? Or do you have a text that has been drafted into US English and needs to be localised into UK English?

Your text will be edited to ensure that it accurately conveys the meaning of the source text and that there are no omissions or errors contained in the target text. According to your requirements, the fluency and style of the target text will also be inspected to eliminate stilted phrasing and unnatural sentencing structures and inconsistencies in terminology.


If you have an edited text which needs a critical review by a language specialist before it is published, you can have confidence that Provectus Translations will provide this service efficiently, skilfully and in accordance with your requirements.

Please contact Provectus Translations for a quote for your project.

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